Monday, March 23, 2009

29 Weeks

Well, I'm a couple of weeks into the third trimester. It seems like time is dragging along right now. I've heard the last trimester seems like the longest. I guess because that's when your at the uncomfortable stage. My belly is staying round and he is just getting cramped inside. He kicks my ribs and bladder A LOT. The bladder I don't mind, but the ribs hurt. He constantly does flips so I never know what he's gonna get next. But lately, especially at night, he gets up under my ribs and starts practicing soccer moves. My doctor pointed out how my belly isn't growing out or wide, its just staying in a perfect bowling ball so I think that's why it hurts. He has no room to move. My back has been hurting pretty bad. All the added weight its getting to me. I can't twist my upper body at all because of my belly so my back feels really tense and awkward. The ligaments in my belly are stretching like crazy right now too. That feels weird but the pain doesn't last long.

Matt has been awesome with everything. I complain a lot but he does what he can to help. We are both so exciting and anxious. We hope the next 11 weeks start flying by. We'll be busy the next couple of months so I think we'll be preoccupied with a lot and before we know it'll be June 8! I'm going to NC tomorrow for a couple of dinners/showers. Matt is going to hold down the fort with the dogs. Speaking of dogs, Kaylie is doing awesome. She's spending most of her time chasing the rabbit in our backyard. And I think Lily is starting to sense something is going on. She's really started to cling to Matt a lot more. I'm glad because she was too attached to me. I think she knows she has a brother coming.

I'll update again soon!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, Babies R Us isn't being very reliable so we've set up a registry at Target as well. Hopefully it'll update itself and there won't be any problems!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is not updating our registry when something gets purchased. FRUSTRATING. So please make sure you buy off our registry list or turn in our registry at the store when purchasing. And gift receipts would be great in case we get 12 high chairs or something.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

More pictures and 27 week update

My AWESOME friends took some great pictures of me this weekend. The latest were taken by Montgomery Lee. She did such an amazing job. And I'm very very thankful!!

The baby kicked a lot during the photo op. But that's normal. He kicks A LOT. He kicks constantly all night. I read that babies are rocked to sleep when the mother is up and moving around throughout the day. So they are most active at night. I can only sleep on my sides now so I flip over all night trying to get him to calm down. It usually doesn't work. Haha. He is starting to kick so hard and move around so much that its visible. Matt finally got to see my belly move yesterday. It looked like he had his foot against me and stretched as hard as he could. It's weird and amazing at the same time.

Right now my biggest pregnancy complaint is back pain and not much room for my ribs. I know everything is normal and expected but I'm getting to the uncomfortable stage of being pregnant. I've been lucky in that I've only gained weight in my belly. But its really causing strain on my back. And my ribs are just getting cramped. I have 13 weeks to go so I'm sure its only going to get worse!

Oh and I know this is going to be a tease...but I think we've definitely narrowed down possible names. We still aren't announcing it until he's here because we could change our mind, again. But I'm confident we're close to finding the perfect one for our little guy!! He kicks a lot when we say the latest one we've come up with. So I think he likes it.

Well I'll update again soon!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

27 week belly

Here are some more pictures. Thanks to Austin for taking them!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Best Things About Being Pregnant

Of course, finding out your pregnant can be exciting, shocking, and joyous or even a nightmare. Planned or unplanned, it’s definitely a big change and something that’ll change your life forever. Sure, the morning sickness, sore boobs, huge boobs, heartburn and any other glorious symptoms are AWFUL but there are quite a few good things about being pregnant as well. Here are just some guilty pleasures I’ve enjoyed, so far.

Sleeping. The exhaustion that comes along with being pregnant can be horrific at times but its some of the best sleep I’ve ever had. A two hour nap feels like 10 hours of deep sleep. It was important to me to get all the sleep I possibly could because I instinctively knew I wouldn’t be able to once the baby arrives. So the minute I yawn is the minute I change into comfortable clothes and climb into bed. This all changed eventually because I had to pee every 5 minutes. But still, the few hours of sleep I get at a time feel so amazing. I never wake up tired or needing more rest. It’s truly the first time I’ve woken up feeling refreshed in a long time.

Food. Eating for two is great, in moderation. I never wanted to use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat but it sure is nice not having to count every single calorie. It’s important to eat lots of healthy food. Not just for you, but for your baby. I think totally different about how I eat. I feel guilty if I eat too many sweets or have caffeine. And I feel guilty if I don’t eat enough or my stomach starts growling. Its weird putting food into my mouth yet it’s not all for me. I want my baby to get all the proper nutrients, but I also splurge every once in awhile and treat myself to some ice cream or cinnamon rolls.

Growing belly. I’ll admit, when I first started showing I was devastated. I have always been aware of my body and its curves. And I’ve always taken care of myself to make sure I stay the right weight and exercise often. So when my belly first started growing and I got those “Is she pregnant or fat?” glances, I did everything I could to hide it. But once my belly was obviously a baby bump, I have shown it off with tons of pride. The bump grows more and more everyday but it’s truly a beautiful thing. It’s the home of a tiny little person. It protects and keeps the little guy as comfortable as possible. To know that I have the ability to grow a baby is just unexplainable.

Period. Men won’t understand this, but all I have to say is 9 months of no menstrual cycle is AWESOME.

Finger nails. I’m no girly girl, nor do I really care about what my finger nails look like. But let me just tell you. These things grow faster than weeds around our mailbox. I swear I cut them everyday. They are thick and beautiful and long. I know those girly girl pregnant chicks love it.

Kicks. Feeling a kicking baby inside me is incredible. He squirms and wiggles and throws punches and rubs up against me and it just makes my heart smile. I absolutely love this part of pregnancy more than any other. It’s hard to explain what it physically feels like. It’s very similar to a case of gas. And it also feels like a muscle spasm. Sometimes it feels like someone is thumping you but from the inside. But there is really no perfect way to describe a full blown kick. It’s amazing. The emotional feeling of a kick is way more powerful than the physical feeling. Every woman should feel it at least once in her life. All I can do is picture the little baby smiling and laughing as he wiggles and squirms inside me and it just makes me so happy.

Excuses. I know using pregnancy as an excuse is not the best idea. But c’mon, when else do you have a valid excuse that you can actually use to get away with things? Like, I forget EVERYTHING right now and I blame it on pregnancy brain. Or if I’m too lazy to go get something or do something then all I have to say is “but honey, I’m pregnant”. Or when traveling and I have to use the bathroom when the Fasten Seatbelt Sign is on, all I have to do is rub my belly and say “I’m pregnant”.

Nesting. When I first got pregnant, I thought the nesting/motherly nature thing was a bunch of bull. But let me tell you. I have spent more time in the nursery than my own bedroom. Its so fun getting ready for baby and picking things out for him and getting everything organized. Part of it is excitement because I can’t wait to meet him but it truly is so fun. They say women become a mother when they get pregnant, and men become a father once the baby has arrived. I totally agree. My husband probably thinks I’m a nut because I want to work in the nursery and do baby stuff all the time. But I can’t help it. It’s my new passion.

Family. Getting pregnant makes you think about your family in a different way. It’s hard to explain but it’s like I look at my family more genuinely and more realistic. I’m not saying I thought they were fake before but I just can put myself in their shoes more than ever. Of course, I’ve always loved them but somehow I love them even more. All of them. It’s just indescribable.

So to me, pregnancy is amazing. I love it. I have been fortunate because I haven’t been too sick and haven’t had any complications. Nine months of growing a baby is incredible and I have loved every second of it.