Monday, May 18, 2009

Full term!

I'm officially 37 weeks which means the baby can come any day and he'll be considered full-term! I can't believe we only have three weeks until the due date. Everything is going great. We are just waiting patiently. The baby is estimated to weigh 6 pounds right now. The doctor says he'll be a little baby. I'm VERY thankful for that. Hah! We are getting more and more excited and are counting down the days. I'd be totally okay with it if he came a little early. But it's all up to him. We'll just have to see what he wants to do!!!

My sweet neighbors through me a luncheon/shower this past weekend. My mom was in town so she got to join us. It was a lot of fun. We are so blessed to have so many great friends and neighbors out here in Texas!! And tonight is our last childbirth class. Matt is excited because we're going on a field trip to Labor and Delivery at the hospital. We've actually enjoyed the class. Our teacher is hilarious. We've both learned alot. This being the last class just means we're getting even closer to D-Day!!! Or B-day!!!

Speaking of birthdays. There's a lot coming up. Ann, Tara, Adam (my brother in law), my mom, ME!!!! (and Baby G hopefully), my grandmother and aunt! Lots of Gemini's in my life!!

I'll update again next week. Ya'll have a good week!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

36 weeks. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommie's and soon-to-be mommie's out there!!!

I'm not officially a mom yet but I definitely feel like one. In 4 weeks I'll be a mother and I absolutely can't wait. We are doing great and resting a lot. My back is still hurting pretty bad and I'm still not sleeping very good. But it'll all be worth it. We have everything ready and are just waiting for time to pass. This week, I start going to the doctor every week to check for progress. Although I want him to be here ASAP, I do want him to come when he's ready and healthy. We have no way of knowing exactly when he'll be here but as of now it looks like he'll be my 26th birthday present on June 8! Matt and I have been going to the gym again and I swam laps one day. Swimming took some getting used to and its hard for me to work out without working too hard or burning too many calories. I don't want to over-do it because of my back pain.

My mom is coming into town on Thursday to move into their new apartment here in Ft. Worth. I'm excited to see her and still can't believe they got a place here. Hah. But I'll enjoy them being here and am happy I'll have some help this summer!

I don't have any pictures or anything. But just imagine me with a watermelon in my belly. That's how I feel!! Hah!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

34 weeks and 5 days

Growing, growing, growing. Baby G is around 5 1/2 pounds now and Momma G feels like she's 350 pounds. But all is well. Just counting down the days. He is starting to drop which is making it easier for me to breathe. His movements aren't quite as violent as they had been because of his lack of space. He has hiccups atleast twice a day and he still hates it when its quiet. I sleep about 3 or 4 hours at a time. And my back seems to be getting better. That's probably because I've stayed off my feet as much as possible. I feel like I'm in the first trimester again with the "morning sickness" and heartburn returning. But luckily I know what to do to help that out. June 8 is still the due date. But as we all know, its really up to Baby G. The nursery is complete other than minor details. And we are getting ready to start stocking up on diapers. Matt got the car seat and stroller put together. And we have the bassinett in our bedroom waiting for the big arrival. Lily doesn't know what she has coming. But hopefully she'll adapt to the new baby pretty well.
Less than 6 weeks to go and the excitement is really getting to us! We'll update again soon :)