Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 1/2 months

It's been too long since I updated my blog so here I am. We have been BUSY lately. We just got back from visiting everyone in NC for almost 3 weeks. Asher got to meet all of our family and friends and he loved it. Everyone loved him too of course. He is over 16lbs now and over 25 inches long. He sleeps through the night, for the most part and he is starting to be soooo much more fun. He can play with lots of toys and he giggles and "talks". He sleeps in his big boy bed and he FINALLY loves his carseat. Which makes my life a little easier.
We started giving him rice cereal and carrots and sweet potatoes. That's been interesting. And I'm looking forward to started more solids. I can't believe he's already getting so big and independent. Well I will try to update more often. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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