Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm a terrible blogger...

So sorry for not keeping up with the blog. SOMETHING has kept me quite busy the past few months. Haha! Asher is now 7 months old. He weighs over 18lbs and is perfectly healthy. We had a wonderful first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's as a family. We went to South Texas for Thanksgiving and New Year's but stayed at our house for Christmas. We had a blast. Spending our first Christmas as a family at home was wonderful. Of course we missed everyone but we got on Skype alot so everyone could see Asher! He got so many wonderful gifts. We are so blessed.

He is really starting to turn into a little person. He is still really quirky but is starting to entertain himself better which helps me out a lot. He loves his jumper. We are currently working on crawling :) although I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that. He already keeps me on my toes.

He sleeps 12 hours each night! WOO HOO! We have our bad nights occasionally but I really can't complain. We've come a long way.

He loves the dogs. I wish they showed him just a little bit more attention but they are hesistant. I think the random yelling scares them. Speaking of yelling, he is so loud. SO LOUD. It's cute but I don't know where this voice is coming from.

He also already has two teeth. They came in at 5 months and he's been working on the next ones for awhile. I hope they come in soon because he is really in pain sometimes.

I'm really enjoying staying home with him and constantly taking pictures. He's a mess but we have fun together. Here are some pictures :)

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